Winter Camping advices From Trippen!

Winter camping is the best activite for people who want to have camping thrill in winter season that is the coldest one of a year.According to most of us, camping in the winter which is far away from sea, beach and hot is silent,tranquil and most of animals are asleep is peaceful.As understood during writin and reading the temparature in the camp made in this season will be below the normal values.There must be some precautions that this coldress brings to gether so that the camp can be very enjoyable.Before starting the winter camping, the first preparation starts with equipment preparation.Due to the fact that the season is winter, it is needed to pay attention choice of equipments.Can be started by checking weather conditions!

What should you put in your bag for winter camping?

-Ski face mask (wool or fiber )

-Jersey (wool or feather and heavy )

-Gloves (synthetic, polypropylene )

-2 long sleeved athletes


-Trousers (wool or feather ), overalls or underoos (heavy )

-Sock (wool or feather and heavy )

-Boots with bilayer for mountaineering

-Leggings(for preventing that the water gets into your boot)

-Slumberjack(synthetic or feather and proper for minus degrees)

These are what should you put in your bag independent from winter camping;

-Backpack (for carrying extra attires, lunch and camera )



-Whistle (for keeping away the animals )

-Belt or hunger

-Head wrap (this is the most useful thing )

-Extra glasses (sub glasses, mist inhibitor spray )

-Sun cream




-Medicines that are necessary during the trip

-Hot-water bottle

-Camera,film, book, game, paper ,pen

Detection and setting up of tent area

Druring the winter camping, you don’t  have a chance setting up tent whereever you want like summer’s.So what should you pay attention to?

Suerly, this stipulation will change with regard to necessities and dangers.We exactly refer rainwater, snowstorm, wild animal attack and the other emergency cases by saying danger.

The most troubled situation is probably setting up a tent on a road that rainwater moves on after the rain.We think that, you don’t like that rainwater flows throughout the area, you set up your tent in, at midnight.Even if there are no rain and snow, there  might be river or fountain. In view of these springs, not setting up your tent near there makes you spend a peaceful night in your winer camping.

Wind, storm or blizzard;

If there are tents more than one, you should place them (side by side or like four corners of  square)  like a body to protect each other from weather events, wild and storm.But when this situation transforms to a snowstorm these precautions will not be adequate.I have a advice for you to prevent this;hypethral snow house.

Actually, the meaning of the snow  house is building a wall around one meter with the mass of snow, that obtained by shovel assistance.Actually, it may looks like tiring at the beginning, but you can be sure that building your own construction is very enjoyable.

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