The Most Enjoyable Trip; Hitchhiking!

The most enjoyable trip; Hitchhiking!

The first time, we hear a lot of old American movies come to our mind with some horrible scenes, but hitchhikers choose this option to travel every opportunity. As for this type of travel, it is understandably traveling from one place to another, where the vehicle is stopped at a certain point. Because hitchhiking is unplanned, it seems to be a dangerous method for some, but according to others, it uses life style and adventure.

Although it is called life style and adventure, it is useful to take some precautions before and during a enjoyable journey without experiencing trouble moments;

Travelers to will start a trip; they prefer to create the route they will go to on Trippen before trip using hitchhikers guides. This will make it easier to guess travel vehicles or locations. In addition, we are not talking about planning, we just say guessing, because planning is not one of our priorities in hitchhiking culture. Determining what you will use this travel form before your travel will greatly affect your travel. Remember, hitchhiking will differ in terms of whether the zone is difficult or easy, depending on its geographical, economic, road and strategic structure. So do not forget that you do not have to go hitchhiking in all parts of your route!


Do not waste time hitchhiking in places!

Remember that traveling with a hitch is so hard for a hitchhiker as well as for people who take hitchhikers. He will travel to an unknown person for maybe 1 hour maybe 10 hours. It’s normal for both sides to have a trust problem. This means that both the hitchhiker and the car owner will be able to see each other comfortably and be in a desolate locations, which will be a happy journey for both the hitchhiker and the driver.

Do not tell how to dress up! Wear like a hitchhiker!

In hitchhiking, the primary requirement is “to give confidence” to the driver and hitchhiker as you know. Empathize with other side is also the easiest way to provide the appropriate conditions while traveling. Dressing like a traveler while performing your route help you in order to show your style and purpose and leave a positive impression on the car owners.

Preserve your talking!

The person who took a hitchhiker will not do it only for helping hitchhikers. As a result of the surveys, car owners say they take hitchhikers to make the journey more enjoyable. It will be a good experience for them to share the excitement of listening to the stories of someone they have never known before instead of spending a long way alone.

Trippen will be your travel companion to prepare your route and share your hitchhiking experiences!

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