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The Latin Country’s Most Naive Living Country, Mexico …

Mexico is the home of the world’s oldest civilizations, Aztec and Mayan Civilizations. So much so that the country has an archaeological site, an ancient ruin and an important museum exhibited by them. In terms of the regions UNESCO defines as World Heritage, Mexico ranks first in America and seventh in the world. Mexico is the most naive experience of Latin American culture, where the Spanish language spoken with its own accent, a colorful cultural diversity flows through the streets. Mexico, one of the world’s most natural diversified countries, is also one of the few countries with rainforests and deserts within its borders.

Mexico travel

General Information About Mexico Travel

For Mexico, the phrase “spicy like salsa, drunk like tequila, surreal country like Frida Kahlo”. Mexico, the Latin American country, measures close to 2 million square meters. For Mexico, it is considered one of the most exclusive countries in the world where five senses act. The history of the fascinating country with its coastline longer than 10 thousand kilometers is based on the Aztec civilization as one of the oldest settlements in the world.
Mexico has become a center of attraction with its museums, cuisine, natural beauty and architectural structures. It has become a tourist attraction with its warm people and reflections of its warm climate and climate. You can visit volcanoes, surf, visit ecological parks, watch whales and wander around archaeological sites, especially in the country, which is one of the first addresses of admirers of fun and adventure.

Mexico travel

Mexico’s Climate Characteristics and Ideal Travel Dates

The face of Mexico in general has significant differences between its cause and its climate. In the northern regions it is colder in winter, while in southern regions it is more cold. Generally, the average temperature in summer is 26 degrees. But for the Sonoran Desert this is not the case and the temperatures can be up to 50 degrees.
Mexico is a large country with large geography. Therefore, there are differences between the temperatures according to the regions. The cities of Mexico City, Puebla, San Cristobal de las Casas are generally inhabited. The cities of Guadalajara, Cuernavaca and Cancun are warmer due to the tropical climate. Pacific and Caribbean coasts are hot and sunny in the period from November to February. Europeans often visit during this period. The ideal time to visit Mexico is from October to November when the rains are over.

Mexico travel
Mexico travel

Mexican Culture Features and Cuisine

The subject that you need to know is; In Mexico, the Spanish “Que” question, which means “what”, is not welcomed and rude. You need to say “Mande” instead.
The majority of the country is Catholic. People who are attached to religious rituals expect you to be respectful of yourself. Marriage is legal in Mexico. Racism in the country is a crime. It is very important to respect women in the country where the male population is high. The most common salutation in Mexico is shackles.
Mexican cuisine is also very rich with many cultural influences. The main food source of the country is maize. A cap of hot Tortilla is absolutely found on the dining tables. Tacos are available everywhere. Finally, you can meet snacks in the name of Antojitos at almost every corner.

Mexico travel

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