Portugal travel

Porto Wine, Gothic Constructions and Antique Shops with Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal, whose borders are drawn with Spain in the south and north, is isolated from its neighbors both geographically and culturally. Having a rich and unique culture, Portugal welcomes its visitors with its vibrant cities and beautiful countryside. The transportation network is very convenient and fast. The train network is faster than the buses, but is less frequent and expensive. The most advanced metro networks are located in the cities of Lisbon and Port. A final note, Portugal is not suitable for hitchhiking.

Portugal travel

General Information About Portugal Travel

If you are traveling to Portugal to visit beautiful monuments and witness extraordinary scenery, Lisbon, Sintra and Porto are among the places to be seen. Coimbra, around the Mondego River, is a small and sweet town. This town is also known as a history treasure. The colorful gondolas, connected by small and charming bridges, “Venice of Portugal” is a place that attracts tourists with Aveiro’s historical sites, beautiful beaches and delicious food. Porto, known for its world-famous port wine, overlooks the Douro River. Ribeira, a springfield on the river, creates the impression that you live in Porto with live music, cafes, restaurants and street vendors.

Lisbon, Portugal’s largest city and capital city, rises between seven hills with impressive streets, antique shops, Gothic cathedrals, bridges, colorful neighborhoods and traditional Fado music restaurants and cafes.

Portugal travel

Portugal Climate Characteristics and Ideal Travel Period

With its Mediterranean climate, Portugal is one of the hottest countries in Europe. While it is fairly hot, dry and sunny in the spring and summer seasons, it is rainy, cold and windy in the autumn and winter seasons. In Portugal, the annual mean temperature of the mainland is 10 degrees, while it is observed around 17 degrees in mountainous northern regions. The most rainfall period is between November and March.

The average temperature between June and September is 30, and July-August are the busiest times and the prices are high. For cultural visits, May and October are quite ideal.

Portugal travel

Portugal Culture Features and Cuisine

First of all, Portuguese people are sincere and happy to help foreigners who come to their country. The young population speaks English, while many Portuguese speak basic Spanish. In general, Portugal is a gay-friendly country and gay marriages are legal. Taurus Güreş appears in some cities in Portugal. In Spain it is illegal to kill a bull during bull wrestling.
The Portuguese cuisine has a very varied menu, full of rice, potatoes, bread, meat, seafood and fish. Especially, it is said that the dishes made from the cod fish have a different tariff for each day of the year. Portugal’s first main dish is soup. The most popular one is Minho’s special “Caldo Verde” soup. Finally Portugal is delicious and has a wide variety of pastries. You should try Ovos-Moles in Pasteis de Nata and Aveiro in Lisbon.

Portugal travel

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