Italy travel

Rome, Florence, Venice … Italy With Its Own Food

Italy is an attractive journey in terms of tourists every period. Italy, which has a geographical structure in the shape of a boot, with shoes, immediately bounces on the satellite image. The iconic remains of Rome, the hills of Tuscany with its vineyards, the romantic channels of Venice … Decide whether you want to tour this country with history all over, decide to travel individually. But we definitely recommend doing research before going to Italy.

Italy travel

General Information about Italy Travel

Italy, which has a temperate climate with its geographical location, is a medium-sized country with an area of approximately 302 thousand square meters. Italy, which has 51 UNESCO World Heritage sites, holds a record in the world. Tighten your shoes, plan your day well and do not spend a short time on this trip.

Italy, the European Union and the NATO founding countries, among the most visited countries. Almost every season, every season welcomes tourists from various parts of the world. Italy has two important values. The Vatican is home to the Roman Empire and the center of the Christian Catholic sect. Italian businesses have also seen the popularity of this visit, which welcomes you with quite a lot of accommodation options. Accommodation options are available for every budget.

Italy travel

Italy Climate Features and Ideal Travel Dates

It has a longitudinal geographical structure which is understandable from the drawing style. As such, climate in Italy can show climatic diversity based on latitude difference. In the northern parts there is a moist climate, in the sea coasts of this region and in the middle parts, the humid tropical climate. Mediterranean climate is seen in the southern part of Italy. Temperatures are 0 degrees in the north in winter, while temperatures in the same season in the south are about 12 degrees. In summer, the temperature average is 20 degrees in the north and 30 degrees in the south.
When the situation is like the above, you have the choice of traveling by region and distance. In general, April and October are ideal months to visit the country. Especially in the summer months visitors from all over the world come for summer vacation. The ideal period for winter tourism is between December and March. The price increases are seen in the Alpine mountains in this period.

Italy travel

Italy Cultural Facilities and Cuisine

Tradition in the 20 regions inherited from Italy in the past, there are great differences in terms of culture and language. Italians living in richer northern cities such as Milan, Florence and Venice tend to see themselves superior to those living in poorer southern cities like Naples and Sicily.

Italian cuisine is among the richest cuisines in the world. In the country that hosts different cultures, according to the regions, the kitchens also vary. Italian cuisine is generally modest and tends to be minimal. There are an average of 6 different kinds of food. Importance is given to materials that are extensively presented in detail. The Italian pizzas, pasta like pasta are among the indispensables of Italians.

Italy travel

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