Iranian travel

Travel to Iran with Cultural Wealth and Historical Context

Iran, Persia, Persia and Seljuks, it is a very interesting place to travel especially in the cultural sense. Contrary to what you see from the outside, the people are very hospitable in Iran where you can make good friends. Tehran is known as the capital of contrasts. In Iran, economy, politics and industry are quite intertwined. It is an ideal place to visit magnificent palaces, museums that house rare artifacts and large squares. Fans will be accompanied by ban on the aesthetic concerns of the ban as they are decorated with cultural and artistic heritage. In particular, yellow bricks are used in these works because the paint is not used very much in general, the yellow color in the country will striking eye.

Iranian travel

General Information about Iran Travel

The capital of Iran is Tehran. After Tehran, Iran’s major tourist attractions are Mashhad, Urumiye, Tabriz, Shiraz, Isfahan and Yazd. The country dates back to 4000 years ago in Milano and has hosted many civilizations. Iran, which is the homeland of the Persian Civilization, is also influenced by Arab and Turkish cultures, which are peripheral countries. Iran, which has a very rich culture, also has mountainous geography and natural beauties. Iran, which has a special geopolitical position, is surrounded by the Persian and Oman gulf in the south and the Caspian Sea in the north. Turkey, Azarbaycan, Armenia, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan are the countries with a land border of Iran. The country is widely spoken of Persian. Shiite Muslims make up Iran, a Muslim country.

Iranian travel

Iran Climate Features and Ideal Travel Dates

Much of Iran is semi-arid and arid climate. In particular, only half the tropical climate is seen along the Caspian Sea. Temperatures are rarely higher than 30 degrees in the summer and humidity is seen throughout the year. Winter temperatures can fall below the freezing point, especially at border regions. The mountainous regions of Iran are very cool and convenient to visit in the summer months. So if you want to go around with your backpack, summer is quite ideal. The ideal trip times for the Caspian Sea borders and non-mountainous places are spring seasons, from May to May and September to October.

Iranian travel

Iranian Culture Features

Iran is a place where there are restrictions on clothing with conservative Islamic characteristics. Especially women and men are careful not to shake hands with each other. Although local clothes are generally not preferred, you can still see local people in some areas. In Iran, women have to dress appropriately. Especially they have to cover their heads with scarves or shawls. The very conservative Iranian society is strictly prohibited, and alcohol consumption and sale is prohibited.
Iranian cuisine is home to a cuisine of Persian, Arab and Turkish flavors. Fast food, street tastes and Persian-Arab-Turkish-Western cuisines are consumed quite popular. The origins of this rich and varied flavor of cuisine in Iran are those cultures that have been interacting for thousands of years. The main ingredients of the Iranian kitchen are rice, bulgur, local spices and of course lamb meat.

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