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Turkey with Cappadocia, Istanbul and Cultural Riches!

Which is surrounded by sea on three sides, Turkey, Istanbul Strait and consists of two peninsulas separated by the Dardanelles Strait. These straits also distinguish Europe from Asia. Turkey has a geographical location with unparalleled reputation in the world. It is located among the most preferred places of tourists with its coastline parallel to the Aegean Sea which is the Mediterranean and its extension. Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and Marmara Sea. It has been home to many Ottoman Empires and many civilizations with its history based on the old days.

Turkey travel

General Information about Turkey Travel

The country, which has different geographical and climatic characteristics, has numerous natural beauty. The influence of different cultures shaped by history until Anatolia, Turkey has provided an extremely rich country in terms of cultural heritage. Turkey’s capital Ankara interior is divided into seven geographical regions in Anatolia. Ankara also serves Turkey’s founder and world renowned leader of the Mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, which is home to the mausoleum is located. but also economic development in these regions are separated in Turkey, it is also observed major differences in terms of ethnicity and culture. Turkey is a secular state, so there is no official religion and is comfortable lifestyle with visitors from many countries. There are laws in the Republic of Turkey on the matter of freedom of religion and belief. Approximately 95% of the population of Turkey is known for being a Muslim. Especially during the summer season European and Russian tourists fill the shores, while Istanbul and Cappadocia are visited by many tourists every season.

Turkey, Istanbul
Turkey travel

Turkey Climate Features and Ideal Travel Periods

Mediterranean climate in different regions of Turkey, the Black Sea there are three kinds of climates, including climate and continental climate. The Black Sea climate is similar to the ocean climate. In the inner parts of the Black Sea Region, in the Central Anatolia Region, in the Eastern Anatolia Region and in the inner part of the Aegean Region, the climate type is the land climate. In this climate the summers are warm and the arid winters are warm and rainy.

At the same time in different corners of the four seasons can be experienced with the unique geography of time to travel to Turkey varies depending on the area to be visited.

Palandöken, Uludağ and Erciyes, which are preferred for winter sports, are the best times in January and February. The season for the Aegean and Mediterranean coast opens in June and hefts holiday lovers until the end of September.

Cappadocia Turkey
Cappadocia sightseeing

Turkey Cultural Properties and Turkish Cuisine

Turkey is located in a region that is home to many civilizations and dynasties. It is a place where eastern and western cultures live together, especially with the beginning of the most popular countries for cultural travel. Depending on the ethnic group and income situation in Turkey between communities and classes there are differences as to be obvious. These differences are observed even in large cities, especially when crossing between neighborhoods. Social life in conservative cities in Anatolia with marked differences between regions in western Turkey in social life and cultural capital of Istanbul.
The Turkish cuisine, which emerged as the result of the interaction of different cultures during the Ottoman Empire, which was one of the most cosmopolitan empires of human history, is one of the richest cuisines in the world. The Turkish cuisine has clear traces from Arab, Armenian and Greek cuisines. Gaziantep Baklava is a world famous sweetie.

Turkey travel
Turkey travel

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